iWISE MISSIONThe International – World Innovative Student Expo

Our aim at iWISE is to encourage our participants to engage in their creativity in order to formulate their own opinions whilst finding solutions for global environmental problems. Our platform allows our participants complete self-expression through Art/Talent/STEM while supporting their creativity and innovative ideas. We want our participants to learn the art of communicating effectively by giving them an opportunity to present their masterpieces before our learned adjudicators.  

We hope to inspire the creativity and imagination within our participants by providing an annual theme, this will enable participants to create masterpieces by delving into the depths of their imagination. During the process of creation our participants awareness surrounding the impact that art and design has had over the ages and in different cultures will increase. 

The art of innovation is the cornerstone of iWISE, it also marks our commitment to discovering, promoting and giving recognition to new innovative talent.

The iWISE platform was created with the purpose of finding participants who have worked tirelessly on their respective art forms and seek to inspire and enrich the world around them, our platform gives them an opportunity to upskill themselves and perform competitively. We give participants the freedom to express their vision without boundaries. It is our firm belief that it is time to look beyond the constraints of reality in order to create something truly unique in the Art, Talent and Stem Categories.


International Networking

Bringing likeminded individuals together from all around the world to discuss their ideas in an open forum and develop strong bonds of friendship.

privacy policy

Spirit of Humanitarianism

Raising the new generation in the spirit of humanitarianism.


Innovative Solutions

To bring about public awareness surrounding environmental issues whilst finding innovative solutions.

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