Self-composure, confidence, and the ability to clearly articulate and communicate information are valuable skills for everyone. The iWISE platform is designed to highlight and recognize students who demonstrate these qualities by combining thoughtful preparation and confident delivery into an interesting presentation on an announced theme.  

The iWISE Public Speaking Category will comprise of two sessions, namely: The Prepared Speech Session and the Impromptu Speech Session. Participation in both sessions is mandatory for all contestants. 

iWISE created an international platform that was designed to help our participants develop their presentation skills in public speaking, our platform creates space where our participants are free to express their thoughts and opinions on the relevant theme. The Public Speaking category is open to participants between the ages of 10 to 24.

Participants will deliver their speech online on zoom presentation in front of our experienced judges during virtual final competition. Participants can deliver the speech not less than 2 minutes and longer than 5 minutes. Participants are not allowed to use any notes, props, or visual aids while delivering their speech. All participants will have to register for the one of the three iWISE Virtual Final to qualify for the Global Final. Only the qualified participants of the iWISE Virtual Final will be invited to participate in the iWISE Global Final.

During the iWISE Global Final, Participants will deliver their prepared speech and then deliver their impromptu speech. The way this will work is participants will have 10 minutes to think about the topic for impromptu speech after they have delivered their prepared speech. Participants will have 2-5 minutes to present their impromptu speech. Please note there is no impromptu section for the any Virtual Final, participants will only be expected to present an impromptu speech at the Global Final. 

  1. The speech must be pertain to the announced theme.  Speeches not appropriately related to the announced theme will be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.
  2. No visual or written aids may be used.
  3. No coaching from friends, supervisor, educator, parents or coaches during the speech.
  4. Microphones will not be used during the contest, but it will be provided at the podium during the Global Final.
  5. The contestants may introduce themselves by full name, country and speech topic. 
  6. Speeches must be not shorter than 2 minutes and longer than 5 minutes. 5 points will be deducted from the total score on each judge’s score sheet for every minute. 
  7. Contestants should cite their major references after the conclusion of their speech but this time will not be counted in the allotted time.
  8. Only the judge(s) may ask questions of the contestant in the contest, also question time will not be counted in the allotted time. 
  9. No other videotaping or photographing of presentations is allowed during the contest.
  10. Improper attire will be a violation and appropriate points deducted on the scorecard. Improper attire will be determined at the discretion of the judges. Contestants must wear competition t-shirt or follow competition dress code rule and regulations. 
  1. The iWISE Public Speaking Category is open for individual participation only, there will be no group participation allowed in this category. 
  2. Participants must be students aged between 8 and 24 at the time of the competition. 
  3. Participants must qualify for the iWISE Global Final by achieving any type medal (bronze, silver & gold) through any one of the three iWISE Virtual Final.
  4. Participants must be enrolled in any educational institution such as primary school, high school, college, university etc. 
  1. Click on the Registration Tab
  2. Select one of the Virtual Rounds
  3. Fill in your details.
  4. Fill in your selected category details on the corresponding form.
  5. Select your available time for the Judging process.
  6. Submit your zoom judging session.
  7. Proceed to payment.
  8. Complete your submission.

Requirements for Virtual Finals:

  • Written Abstract/summary of speech.
  • All Creative Writing Pieces must be in line with the iWISE theme of the year.“
  • The 2024 themes are:

Coming of age, Dreamscapes Explored & Art in Motion

  • Participants only need to pick one theme for their submission.

The Prepared Speech Session – your speech must not exceed 2 minutes.

  • Sharing pdf of written speech via zoom chat with Judges.
  • Individual submission only

Requirements for Global Finals:

The iWISE Public Speaking category comprises two sessions for Global Final; Prepared Speech Session and Impromptu Speech Session.

The Prepared Speech Session – your speech must not exceed 2 minutes.

Impromptu Speech Session: participants will receive a random topic related to the theme. They will have time to research and prepare a 1-minute impromptu speech. No Impromptu speech for Virtual Finals.

  • “All Creative Writing Pieces must be in line with the iWISE theme of the year.“
  • The 2024 themes are:

Coming of age, Dreamscapes Explored & Art in Motion

  • Participants only need to pick one theme for their submission.

The Prepared Speech Session – your speech must not exceed 2 minutes

Individual submission only

Judging will be at the sole discretion of the iWISE Olympiad committee. All presentations will be judged by a panel selected by the iWISE Olympiad Organization. Judges score each criteria 0-5, with zero being the lowest and 5 being the highest rank. 

Judges will look for entries in each age category which exemplify one or more of the following:

Clarity, structure, development and knowledge of subject, exposition and balance, style and technique for oral delivery, eye contact, facial expression, use gesture, posture, creative use of language, words choice and voice control etc.

Appearance – relaxed stance, eye contact with audience, neat dress, gesture in controlled fashion, poise, confidence.

Voice Pitch – The debater must be heard. Pitch to be adjusted for size of hall. 

Enunciation – Careful, crisp, clear. Avoid slurring, dropping voice at end of sentences or upward inflection at end of sentences. 

Speed – slower for large halls, but deliberately slow for emphasis only. Variation of speed is desirable. 

Emphasis – very important to place emphasis on points you want audience to recall. 

Diction – vocabulary reflects background of speaker. Use short words rather than long words. Your audience will understand you better.

Phrasing – avoid clichés, technical jargon and acronyms. If you must use them explain them. Language – suitable colloquialisms allowed. 

Technique – Reiterate keywords phrases, paraphrases. Avoid rote learning and recital in debate. Good opening and good conclusion vital to attract attention and leave an unambiguous message in the minds of the audience. Quote the source or the authority for statistics definitions, or quotations. Humour is very good to use. 

Etiquette – Always address the chairman and not the adjudicators or other individuals. Speak as a team: “We think” not “I think”. Observe time limit. Cast scorn on your opponents’ arguments, not your opponents. You can question an opponent’s facts or sources, but not their truthfulness or their sincerity.

Speech Construction – Introduction and first contact with the audience is critical. Make it interesting. A quotation, or brief relevant story may be appropriate. 

Foreshadow the ground to be covered by the speech – the main points. Body – development of stated theme or enlargement or emphasis on main arguments. 

Conclusion – vital – the final words to the audience should be clear, concise and leave a lasting impression.

Tip for Impromptu speech you may always need to find answers for WWWWWH? What? Where? When? Why? Who? How?

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