The iWISE Olympiad is an international platform for young filmmakers to advance their directorial skills and build their profile as a filmmaker. At iWISE we celebrate innovative young filmmakers that inspire the world around them, this category is an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to push the limits of their creativity and fine tune their directorial abilities.     

The iWISE Olympiad has created a global platform that differs from a typical contest, it gives participants an opportunity to showcase a short film in which they convey a message based on the announced theme.

– The short film can be any of the following genres: drama, action, documentary, science fiction, literary, etc. The film must portray one of the three themes. In other words, the short film category is not genre-specific, but it would be beneficial to label your film in a specific field.

– The length of a short film must not exceed 5 minutes. 

– The language of a short film can be any language, but must have English subtitles if any other language other than English is used.

– Short films must have a title in English and have credits with the actor’s names. 

– Short films must be related to the announced theme.

– Short films can be done and presented by up to 3 students, working together in one group.

– Content used in the short film must be the Participant’s own work. This applies to the use of branded material: no copyrighted music (see the COPYRIGHT RELEASE FORM), no branded items on the screen (such as foodstuffs with visible labels or sponsorships through marketable items) ,etc.

  1. Click on the Registration Tab
  2. Select one of the Virtual Rounds
  3. Fill in your details.
  4. Fill in your selected category details on the corresponding form.
  5. Select your available time for the Judging process.
  6. Submit your zoom judging session.
  7. Proceed to payment.
  8. Complete your submission.

Judging will be done at the discretion of the iWISE Olympiad Committee. All submissions will be judged by a panel selected by the iWISE Olympiad Organization. The Judges will score each criterion on a scale of 0-5, with zero being the lowest and 5 being the highest rank. 

Short films will be judged on originality, creativity, plot, pacing, and structure, characters, cinematography, and entertainment value, as well as on effectiveness of the message and the ability of the filmmaker to reach an audience. When creating a film that carried a message, it is important that you have the ability or knowledge of how to get your message to your audience and that your film makers the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to gather public support and awareness.

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