The iWISE Global final is an amazing opportunity for participants to exhibit and gain recognition for their talent in London on a global platform. The Global round is our final round for participants, in order to qualify for the global final participants must have received any of the medal ranking (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE) in the iWISE Virtual Finals. Participants must complete their registration and payment online via the iWISE website in order to secure their place in the Global final. All participants are required to bring a hard copy or prototype of their ARTWORK/ PROJECTS along with them to London for the Exhibition. Each ARTWORK /PROJECT will be judged twice. Participants will be disqualified if they do not have a hard copy or prototype of their ARTWORK/ PROJECT during the exhibition. Participants who are younger than 16 years old may only travel to the UK under the supervision of an adult. Participants who are older than 16 years old may travel on their own. The registration fee for the Global round will cover accommodation, 3 meals a day, transportation, pick up and drop off at the airport and entrance fees for tourist attractions. The registration fee will not cover participants’ flight itinerary, visa expenses and spending money. The duration for Global Final is 6 days including arrival and departure days. 

The Global Final Programme for Students and Teachers, Parent Trip Programme and the Extra UK Trip Programme.

Participants may continue to use the same account they created during the National/Virtual Finals to submit their registration for the Global Final. Participants working in a group can have one account for their Artwork/ Project and they can register all 3 students on the same account. Participants must submit their:


– Registration Form

– Qualification certificate for Global Final

– Parent’s Consent Form

– Plagiarism Form

– Risk Assessment Form

– Abstract of Artwork/Project

– General Release of Liability Form

Exhibition stand includes: 1 chair per finalist, 1 table, 1 tablecloth and a display board.

Dimensions: Dimensions for the display board is 30’’ (76.2cm) high and 48’’ (121.9cm) wide

Font size: use a font size of at least 22 points with the Calibri Body font for the text on your display board.

Title of Project: All Artwork/Project must have a short title that describes the Art/Project.

Finalists’ name: The finalists must ensure that their name is visible on the display board.

Finalists’ country name & national flag: The finalist must ensure that their country’s name as well as their country’s national flag is on the poster, the finalist must also bring an A4 size printed version of their national flag to the exhibition.

For Art Category

Introduction: This is where you describe the reason and purpose of your Artwork.

Background information: Background information must be presented as a written summary of your interpretation of your artwork, your creative process and what you wished to accomplish.

Abstract: An abstract is an abbreviated version or one paragraph summary of the finalists’ Artwork.

Pictures of finalists’ city or country: Finalist’s must print 3-5 pictures of their country or home city on different A4 pages to stick on the display board.

For STEM Category

A poster is a summary of the project report file in a display format. All written details on the poster must be easy to read at a distance, we suggest using the Calibri (Body) font with your font size at 22.   Students are free to choose any colour combinations. The display poster dimension is 76 cm height and 122 cm width.

The following titles must be written on the poster: Research question, Aim, Hypothesis, Engineering goal, Background research, Methods/ procedures, Errors and limitation gaps, Future research, Conclusion, Results, Data graph /table and Acknowledgements

All participants will receive an iWISE certificate of participation. Participants that perform exceptionally, will receive an iWISE certificate of achievement and a medal. The Top 3 achievers in the main categories (Art / Talent/ STEM) will qualify for grand cash prizes as follows:

£600 for first position/top position

£450 for the second position

£300 for the third position.

Achievement Rank for iWISE Global Final:

  • Best Performing School Award: The Best Performing School Award will be given to the school which has the highest points from their student’s achievements.
  • Most Amount of Applicants School Award: The Most Amount of Applicants School Award will be awarded to the school that made the most amount of submissions to the iWISE Global Round.
  • iWISE Olympiad Ambassador Award: The iWISE Olympiad’s Ambassador Award will be given to the educator/teacher who registers the most amount of applicants to the Global Final.
  • The Most Successful Ambassador Award: The Most Successful Ambassador Award will be given to the educator/supervisor whose students perform exceptionally at Global Final.

Finalists will be given an iWISE Olympiad t-shirt, which they will be expected to use during the exhibition and award/prize given ceremony. The rest of the time finalists are free to wear whatever they want as long as it follows the iWISE Olympiad’s dress code.

Participants are required to centre their masterpiece around one of the three provided themes. The selected theme must serve as the core concept or underlying message behind the participants submission.

The 2024 Themes for the Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Short Animated and Short Film Categories are:

Coming of age: This theme is about growing up and becoming more responsible and independent through adventures and challenges. Just like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Dreamscapes Explored: This theme combines imagination with reality. Show your artistic skills by creating a magical world where dreams come true!

Art in Motion: This theme is all about getting inspired by art that shows movement and expression. It’s about making your art come to life.

Please note that these themes are only applicable to the mentioned categories and not applicable to STEM Categories.

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